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The sixth and final seminar in the Carolina Seminar Series: Science meets society at the intersection between precision medicine and justice, equity, and inclusion.”​

Working Toward Justice and Genetic Literacy in Clinical Genomics

Virtual Event

Date: Wednesday, May 22

Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm


Registration required —

Marginalized racial and ethnic communities have been the focus of increased attention by precision medicine researchers seeking to foster justice and promote health equity in clinical genomics. Low education level and socioeconomic status are factors that contribute to the lack access to basic health care in these marginalized groups. Targeted efforts to increase genetic health literacy as a first approach to support informed decision making is complex. Speaker(s) and panelists will share their perspectives on strategies to address this complex issue effectively and appropriately.


Featured speakers:

Dr. Janeth Sanchez, PhD, MPH
Program Director for Health Equity at National Institutes of Health

Dr. Janina Jeff, PhD, MS
Bioinformatics Scientist at Illumina and Host of In Those Genes Podcast


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