Tonia Poteat

Tonia Poteat, CHER Core Faculty, and colleagues have published research on delays in breast cancer care by race and sexual orientation.

While “breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women…not all women face the same risk” from breast cancer. Amid declining overall deaths from breast cancer, Black women have a death rate 40% higher than White Women.

To understand “the intersection of race and sexual orientation in breast cancer care engagement,” the study team conducted a survey designed with a community-engaged participatory approach.

Results from the online, cross-sectional survey show that Black sexual minority women (BSMW) had the highest rates of care delays. BSMW respondents reported higher levels of intersectional stigma and lower rates of social support than all other surveyed groups.

Key conclusion: Reducing stigmas and improving social support access can be “an important approach to reducing inequities” in breast cancer care.

The full Cancer article is available open access.