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by Abby Arcuri

Recently, Veena Reddy was awarded a Staff Professional Development Grant Award from the UNC School of Medicine.

Reddy was awarded the grant on account of her work on the Collaborate and Leverage Evidence in African American Rural Network (Co-LEARN) Project. Co-LEARN focuses on reducing rural North Carolina’s cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden.

This project’s principal investigator is Gaurav Dave, and the research program manager is Giselle Corbie.

The research looks at data in response to a prompt in evidence-based cardiovascular programs. By looking at ratings of CVD-reducing measures in communities, it assesses the effectiveness of those measures.

Grant money will be used for Reddy’s general and travel costs to attend a conference. Reddy will be presenting the research at the 2024 Society of General and Internal Medicine (SGIM) Annual Meeting. This will take place from May 15 to 18 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Reddy is excited about the opportunity to spread this research to new people.

This experience is even more special since she has never presented at an internal medicine conference before. Only having presented in public health settings, Reddy is anticipating being in a more clinical setting.

Part of this anticipation is since Reddy is applying to medical school. Therefore, this conference’s clinical setting will give her a glimpse into what medical school will be like.

To prepare, Reddy is receiving feedback on her presentation from her team. Specifically, she has been speaking with Corbie, who was previously the president of SGIM.

By preparing, Reddy hopes to be able to communicate her work effectively and teach others about her findings.

With this grant, Reddy will have a wonderful professional development experience and an opportunity to become involved in a clinical setting.