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by Abby Arcuri

The UNC School of Medicine awards grants to support professional development among its employees.

Recently, many people from CHER were awarded these grants.

To support the professional development of its employees, the UNC School of Medicine awards grants. These grants invest in the employees’ talent and prosper growth.

Some of CHER’s employees were awarded these grants to continue their learning or spread their research.

The awardees from CHER include:

  1. Amelia DeFosset, who’ll attend the American Evaluation Association’s Evaluation Summer Institute.
  2. Blen Biru, who attended SGO Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer in San Diego.
  3. Brianah Williams, who’ll attend the NNPHI 2024 Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA: “Building Pathways to Improve Public Health.”
  4. Colleen Murphy, who’ll attend the Communities Joined in Action National Conference in Albuquerque, NM.
  5. Rachel Quinto, who is helping present a psychological safety training.
  6. Shelly Maras, who’ll be doing a data visualization course through Data Matters. Read more about Shelly’s grant.
  7. Shikira Flounory, who’ll be doing the ToPS Facilitation Methods Course. Read more about Shikira’s grant.
  8. Veena Reddy, who’ll be presenting at the 2024 SGIM Annual Meeting (May 15-18) in Boston, MA. Read more about Veena’s grant.

Our colleagues will be using their grant for various reasons. A few of them spoke more about what the money will be going towards. Read their stories (linked in the list)!