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The "Evidence Academy" Conference Model

Catherine L. Rohweder, Jane L. Laping, Sandra J. Diehl, Alexis A. Moore, Malika Roman Isler, Jennifer Elissa Scott, Zoe Kaori Enga, Molly C. Black, Gaurav Dave, Giselle Corbie-Smith, Cathy L. Melvin
2016 April
Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 22(2): 200-203


Innovative models to facilitate more rapid uptake of research findings into practice are urgently needed. Community members who engage in research can accelerate this process by acting as adoption agents. We implemented an Evidence Academy conference model bringing together researchers, health care professionals, advocates, and policy makers across North Carolina to discuss high-impact, life-saving study results. The overall goal is to develop dissemination and implementation strategies for translating evidence into practice and policy. Each 1-day, single-theme, regional meeting focuses on a leading community-identified health priority. The model capitalizes on the power of diverse local networks to encourage broad, common awareness of new research findings. Furthermore, it emphasizes critical reflection and active group discussion on how to incorporate new evidence within and across organizations, health care systems, and communities. During the concluding session, participants are asked to articulate action plans relevant to their individual interests, work setting, or area of expertise.