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In order to provide you the necessary education to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, Reappointment training includes only those elements required by a regulatory accrediting organization or necessary to understand Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines and reduce risk to you and the organization. Compliance training is mandatory for all providers applying for reappointment at UNC FP, UNC PN and UNC PN GP.

NOTE: UNC FP/School of Medicine Departmental Credentialing Coordinators or UNC PN and UNC PN GP Practice Managers should retain training documentation in your departmental files.


Refresher Training (All Providers)

For Summer and Fall 2022, Physician Compliance is piloting a new approach to Compliance refresher training that providers must complete to support reappointment. Providers at selected FP departments will receive a live “year end review” presentation on key regulatory, policy, and compliance program changes. Physician Compliance, Department Chairs, and Credentialing will partner to track attendance.

Other Options to Complete

If you are an FP provider who did not participate in the year end review pilot or you are a provider at UNC PN/GP, please instead complete the following modules in LMS. Dentists are exempt.

You may provide a copy of your LMS Training Transcript as needed to your FP Credentialing Coordinator or PN/GP Practice Manager.

Training Module Who Must Complete?
General Documentation and Billing Compliance All providers
General Evaluation and Management Coding and Compliance Applicable for providers billing E/M services 
Teaching Physician Guidelines for Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE Applicable for Teaching Physicians supervising residents or medical students, except physicians taking the Online Specialty Training described below. APPs do not need to complete this training.


Specialty Training

As part of the biannual reappointment process, providers must complete any applicable training for their specialty.

Email UNC Health Physician Compliance at if you have any questions.


Other: LMS Modules

While completion of annual LMS modules is not part of the reappointment process, it is UNC Health policy that all employees (including employed providers at UNC FP, PN, and PN GP) complete certain compliance and safety modules annually. Please review the LMS webpage for more information.