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Systems and Programs to assist with core facility operations

Core Invoicing and Billing

  • iLabs Operations Software
    UNC has contracted with Agilent Technologies to provide their web based invoicing software package, iLab Operations Software, for UNC core facilities. Features include dynamic reporting capabilities and a scheduling component, automated billing from orders, and transparent workflow tracking.


  • UNC’s Infoporte system has a module available for core facilities to use for basic invoicing needs.

View the Infoporte portal: Infoporte Home

Please contact for more information on getting your core facility set up with iLabs or to bill through Infoporte.


Working with External Clients

  • Service Agreements when working with External Clients
    A service agreement should be in place whenever you accept work from an external client. Agreements for both commercial and academic entities are handled by the Office of Industry Contracting  within the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.
    Whether you need an agreement for a one time project or for an ongoing agreement, the OIC will create an appropriate contract.

Rigor and Reproducibility Resources

Enhancing Core Visibility

  • Core Facilities Websites
    Interested in a new website for your core?
    ORT can assist you with setting up a basic School of Medicine website for core facilities  which can be customized and scaled to fit your needs. For core facilities that are not in the School of Medicine, UNC provides self-service web publishing for UNC sites using a WordPress platform.   ORT can assist with setting up a UNC site for your core.  Learn more at the UNC site
  • Seminar Planning and Assistance for Cores
    The Office of Research Technologies can help you organize and publicize an event sponsored by your core, such as a seminar, workshop, or open house.
    We can help with promoting and publicizing so that you have the best chance to reach your target audience. Contact us with information about the event and we can work with you get the word out.
    Please read through the SOM Vendor Relationships Policy on the Policies and Guidelines page if your event involves working with a vendor.
    If you are interested in organizing or publicizing an event please contact the office.

HR Track for Core Directors

For the SOM to have the strongest research infrastructure for the 21st century and beyond, it must attract and retain the best directors to manage its core facilities and cutting edge technologies. This document provides the procedures and criteria that guide the appointment and promotion of non-tenure track directors of core facilities. The differences between non-tenure track Core Director positions and other non-tenure track positions mainly lies in the length of contracts available and the focus on the collaborative, managerial (of both technologies and people), and financial aspects of the core director position versus the research and teaching aspects of other non-tenure track positions. These differences are designed to provide more stable core facility services for UNC researchers, a more stable position for the directors of UNC core facilities and a tighter focus on the important aspects of the position when it comes to appointment and promotion of Core Directors.

Non-Tenure Track for Directors of UNC Core Facilities