Molecular Neuroscience

BAC recombineering, rAAV vectors, ES cell characterization, massively parallel (next generation) sequencing library preparation

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The primary goal of this core is to assist neuroscientists at UNC-Chapel Hill in their efforts to molecularly manipulate and study nervous system function.  This Core is directed by Dr. JrGang Cheng, a pioneer in the field of BAC recombineering.

We offer the following services to UNC neuroscientists on a fee-for-service basis:

  • Generates transgenic and gene-targeting constructs using Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) recombineering.
  • Assists neuroscientists in generating knockin/out mice by screening gene targeted embryonic stem (ES) cells (includes 5’ and 3’ probe generation and Southern blot screening).
  • Generates expression and recombinant adenoviral (rAAV) plasmid constructs.
  • Prepares massively parallel (next-generation) sequencing libraries (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq).

Molecular Neuroscience

Location & Hours

Neuroscience Research Building
Room 8133
115 Mason Farm Road, Campus Box 7250
Chapel Hill, NC

9am-6pm M-F