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The original purpose of the Multi-Site Screening question (#6 on the Screening Questions page) was to distinguish studies that were being conducted at multiple sites from single-site studies. The question was changed last year to address only those instances where UNC is overseeing multiple sites. Older studies were “grandfathered” and were not required to update the response.

With the most recent IRBIS update, that question is now required to be answered to align with the new logic in order to ensure studies are under the correct application type and to prepare for the personnel-only modification submission coming later in 2021. The response should be “Yes” only when UNC will be the IRB of Record for other sites whose personnel will be listed on the application. If the response to Question #6 is “Yes” with no external personnel listed, you will receive an error and will be unable to proceed with submission.

In order to proceed, you will need to change your application type to remove the external personnel requirement.

  1. If your submission is a Renewal, use the wrench icon to change your Renewal Type to “Study Modification”. This allows you to access the rest of your application. If your submission is a Personnel Modification, proceed to step #2. This should open up the application for study changes. It may initially appear as though you have lost your previous responses, but the rest of the application should be revealed after proceeding through the incomplete sections.
  2. On the Screening Questions page, use the wrench icon beside your response to question #6 to change your application type to “Full Form”. Once again, you should not lose any responses, though it may initially appear so. Proceed with updating any remaining required questions.

NOTE: If you change your response regarding the question in the Funding Section, “Is this a clinical study?”, you may lose your responses in Section A.8, Data Analysis. You may wish to copy and save your responses.