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Dear Members of the Research Community,

As part of the OHRE’s goal to reduce unnecessary burden and ensure our processes are effective, we continued reviewing application forms to identify improvements and reduce duplication. We started with moving toward application types (e.g., JIT, NHSR, Full Form) and continued by revising the Rely-on applications and in 2019-2020 reduced the application by over 40%. Our next effort was the JIT/118 application that went live last evening (01/14/2021) thanks to a large effort by our ORIS group.

The new JIT/118 application has been attached for reference and again offers significant decreases in the questions that are being asked to streamline review and improve effectiveness. The JIT/118 application should be used for federally funded research where a JIT notice has been received and human subjects may be involved; (screen shots will be updated to reflect the above ASAP). As a note, human subject research activities cannot begin until a full application and all applicable materials (e.g., consents, surveys, tools) have been developed, submitted, and IRB approval (§46.111) has been obtained or exempt determination been given.

The OHRE in collaboration with our stakeholders, including the research community, will continue its efforts over the next year to review other application types (e.g., engagement, exempt and full form) to improve processes and reduce unnecessary burden.

Thank you and please let us know if you have additional questions.