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UNC Research Community,

Beginning next week on Friday 3/5, we will transition to a new pickup procedure for our 3West and Neurosciences hospital IDS locations.

  1. Each IP pickup will require verbal confirmation of two patient identifiers: name, DOB, MRN, and/or subject ID.
  2. The person picking up from the IDS pharmacy will be required to sign a log detailing their name, initials, and Rx #.

You will not be able to pick up IP without completing these actions.

As a reminder, current procedures require the original paper prescription to be submitted to IDS prior to or at the time of pickup if using a paper prescription.

Please refer to the attached memo for more detailed information regarding the changes, and why these changes are being made. We appreciate your support in helping us to maximize patient safety and efficiently serve the research community.

Thank you!

Andy Thorne, PharmD, MS