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Dear UNC Research Community,

Last year, IDS implemented a new billing model on October 1, 2020 that applies to all new studies for which a pharmacist assignment was made on or after Oct 1, 2020.

In line with that update, recent changes have been made to the CRMS form to request IDS services. These changes were necessarily phased in over time, and because confirmation memos are not generated simultaneously with the assignment of an IDS pharmacist, there will be discrepancies in some instances between the billing amounts and/or billing level on the confirmation memo with what is officially the billing level after IDS pharmacist review. I recognize this may cause some confusion. If you ever need to have the situation clarified for a specific study, do not hesitate to reach out to me or to Justin Davis (, who recently joined IDS as a reimbursement analyst.

The CRMS form also was updated to ask for specifics about study visit location (beyond the locations requested for IRB purposes). Please fill in this field with the information you have about study visit location as it will assist IDS in our planning for logistics

Other changes should be self-explanatory, but should you have questions, again, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Andy Thorne, PharmD, MS