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Dear SOM Clinical Research Community,

In early March we administered a survey to assess job satisfaction among clinical research staff. We received 102 complete responses, including many valuable and insightful open-ended comments. The survey findings suggest that the highest levels of satisfaction relate to workplace recognition (e.g. opportunities to contribute to important human subjects research discoveries) and supervisor relationship (e.g. supervisor imparting clinical research knowledge and offering regular feedback). The lowest levels of satisfaction reported are in the area of professional development and advancement (e.g. access to career pathways for advancement and effective development opportunities).

The survey data has been fully evaluated, discussed with SOM and UNC leadership, and will continue to serve as valuable reference data as we work to implement new initiatives aimed at improving job satisfaction. We are currently working on implementing a new electronic research personnel profile and training system that will serve multiple functions: 1) enable collection of standardized data about existing clinical research positions, 2) provide directed and timely training materials based on individual responsibilities, and 3) map out a clear path for development opportunities. The data collected with the electronic profile tool will initially support a thorough assessment of a potential career ladder for clinical research coordinators. We will share more information about these high-priority initiatives as we continue forward.

We fully recognize that outstanding and engaged clinical research staff is essential to our success. We pledge to work to creating an exceptional work environment where staff satisfaction and retention are the best in the country!

We greatly appreciate your willingness to share your opinions and hope that you will continue to share with us any new ideas, questions, or concerns you may have.


Laura Viera, Andrea Carnegie, John Buse, Blossom Damania

SOM Clinical Research Support Office