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Dear SOM Clinical Research Community,

Several upcoming changes to UNC guidelines and processes have been announced in the past weeks. To support ongoing understanding of and compliance with the current guidelines, the SOM CRSO has retired the previous “UNC SOM GUIDELINES FOR HUMAN SUBJECTS RESEARCH IN THE CONTEXT OF COVID-19” document and replaced it with a streamlined summary of the current guidelines. The new document, effective June 1st, may REVIEWED IN FULL HERE.

Please pay careful attention to the following changes:

  • Requirement to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others – REMOVED (except when eating/drinking) (per OVCR)
    • Note: UNC Community Standards still require allowing 6 feet of distance from others in conference rooms and other centrally-managed meeting rooms
  • Requirement to provide COVID information sheet – REMOVED (per OHRE)
  • Requirement to conduct a participant wellness screening 24 hours in advance of a study visit – REMOVED (in alignment with UNCH policy)
    • Study teams are still required to conduct and document a participant wellness screening at the initiation of each study visit
  • Requirement for UNC staff to document individual daily wellness screenings – REMOVED (per UNC Community Standards)
    • Any personnel reporting to any UNCH clinical space (e.g. study coordinator conducting a clinical visit) are still required to document a personal wellness screening on days that they will be working in those clinical spaces (per UNCH policy); this documentation may be completed in either of the UNCH portals or the UNC EHS portal

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.