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Dear SOM Clinical Research Community,

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Clinical Research Personnel Profile and Training System (PaTS)! The PaTS will serve to collect standardized information about clinical research personnel, offer directed training activities and resources specific to individual responsibilities, and maintain easily accessible records of development activities.

For phase 1 of the PaTS, we are asking all clinical research personnel (staff and faculty involved in the conduct of clinical research) to complete a basic personnel profile. Providing this standardized information is essential to inform and enable important initiatives underway aimed at improving alignment and classification of clinical research positions and offering a clear professional development model.  Future phases of the PaTS will provide training and resources based on reported responsibilities.

Please follow the instructions below to create your profile:

  • Navigate to the system:
  • Sign in using your ONYEN
  • Complete your profile. The system will ask you questions about your role, duties, and certifications.
  • Click “save and finish”

(Note: you may access the system to update your profile anytime)

It is essential that all clinical research personnel across the SOM complete an accurate profile by July 30th. Please communicate with your team and colleagues to ensure all are aware of this requirement.

If you have any questions about the system or this initiative, please contact us at


Thank you,