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Research community at UNC,

I will be departing UNC Health after this week. I am proud to have worked with so many of you on meaningful research that is helping to shape the future of medicine and positively impacting the lives of our patients.

I am happy to share that two IDS pharmacists have been appointed as pharmacist leads to take on some leadership tasks during the recruitment and onboarding process for a new IDS leader. Sharon Guerry ( will be the Cancer IDS pharmacist lead and Maria Bullis ( will take on this role for our General IDS team.

Please follow these general guidelines for who to reach out to:

  • HR issues, leadership coordination, or requests for IDS support at new sites should go to Lindsey Amerine (, Director of Pharmacy with oversight of IDS
  • Day-to-day operational concerns, or questions regarding specific studies (where you would have approached the IDS manager and not the pharmacist assigned to that study) should go to Sharon or Maria

If you’re ever unsure who to reach out to, any of these folks can direct you to the right person for your question or you can email the Cancer IDS at or the General IDS at and we can direct your inquiry from there.

Thank you again for the good work that you do and the IDS team looks forward to continued work with you in clinical trials at UNC.

Andy Thorne, PharmD, MS