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Dear SOM Clinical Research Community,

With the Inclusive Research Billing Review process that went live 4/11/2021, all UNC Health encounters for patients associated with a research study are reviewed centrally by the UNCH billing review team. This process promotes more accurate and timely review and routing of hospital charges for patients associated with research studies.

While study teams may still view the routine research billing statements in Epic, it is imperative that study teams do not complete the billing review process in Epic, as doing so causes the patient’s statement to bypass an essential component of the centralized hospital review and may lead to billing errors that negatively impact our research participants.

What should the study team do to ensure smooth billing operations?

  • Link research encounters to the research study
  • Maintain accurate and current patient research study statuses (e.g. Enrolled, Completed, etc.)
  • Add and maintain patient timelines in Epic
  • Utilize SmartText for research encounters
  • Receive invoices and submit payments to UNC Health, as applicable

If you have concerns or questions about the research statement in Epic, you should contact for guidance or assistance. Please, do not complete the billing review in Epic.

Thank you,