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Dear PaTS Users,

On April 28th we deployed a number of fixes and enhancements to PaTS to address a variety of feedback and issues that have been submitted by our users, especially regarding clarity of when your profile has been successfully saved. The reports users submitted around their user profile, overall user experience, and bug reports directly contributed to every change included in today’s update and previous updates over the last few weeks; we appreciate every report we have received and hope you will continue to let us know about your experiences with PaTS. Below you will find details on the improvements and changes included in this release. As always, if you encounter any issues, have a question (under “Help” tab), or have any feedback (“Feedback” button at bottom of side navigation) on PaTS please let us know via the in-client forms.


Improved Feedback for Research Profile Completion

We’ve implemented several changes to help inform you when you’re profile has successfully saved.

View Profile – Display for Last Profile Update

We have added a new banner to the view profile page that informs you of the last time you updated your profile. Each time you save your profile this banner will now update so you can confirm your most recent save. This date matches the date displayed on your user card on the “Overview” page.


View Profile – Display for “None of the Above”

We’ve overhauled how “None of the Above” responses are handled in the system to provide more clear feedback when viewing your profile. When you select a response of “None of the Above”, previously you would see an answer of “No response provided”; the same message shown when a question had not been answered at all. These responses will now appropriately show a “None” response when “None of the Above” is selected and “No response provided” when a question has not been answered (this should only appear now if a question is added to the profile or if you have not completed your profile yet).


Edit Profile – Profile Completion Progress

To go along with the improved information around “None of the Above” responses, we’ve also updated the profile progress with a new icon to denote a previous response for “None of the Above”. We intentionally try to make “None of the Above” responses stand out to ensure that as duties change that those responses are still accurate.


Improved UNC Directory Info

A number of users reported discrepancies around supervisor information, job titles, and department assignments which also affected your association with your Clinical Research Accountability Units (CRAUs). We’ve implemented a number of changes in pulling this information automatically to identify user’s primary assignments at UNC. The next time you log in this information will be refreshed, though may not immediately be visible when you log in as the refresh is in progress. If you continue to see issues with your directory information please let us know.


Logout Button

A logout button has been added to the top navigation to make it easier for users to logout of the system. It is located next to the “Notifications” icon at the top of the page.