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Dear SOM Clinical Research Community,

In early March we distributed a survey to assess job satisfaction among clinical research staff. We received 116 responses; 76% from staff with 5 or more years of clinical research experience. Overall, 66% of respondents indicated that they are either somewhat satisfied or very satisfied in their jobs. The most commonly reported reasons for dissatisfaction are related to: heavy workload, inadequate pay, challenges related to understaffing, and lack of a career ladder. However, the highest increase in reported satisfaction compared to 2021 is in the domain of professional development and advancement. The domains of overall highest reported satisfaction are relationship with Principal Investigators and workplace recognition.

Supporting and developing the clinical research workforce is integral to the mission of the CRSO. We are currently working with SOM HR to launch an initiative to standardize existing clinical research staff positions so that we may implement a competency-based career advancement model. Additionally, the new SOM Clinical Research Personnel Profile and Training System (PaTS) will serve to provide tailored training resources and support competency advancements. We will continue to evaluate and pursue additional opportunities to improve job satisfaction for clinical research staff.

We fully recognize that outstanding and engaged clinical research staff are essential to our success. We commit to working to create and support an exceptional work environment where clinical research staff feel highly satisfied, appreciated, and connected to the purpose and accomplishments of their units, the SOM, and UNC.

We greatly appreciate your willingness to share your perspectives and hope that you will continue to share with us any new ideas, questions, or concerns you may have.


Laura Viera, Andrea Carnegie, John Buse, Shakira Henderson, Blossom Damania

SOM Clinical Research Support Office (CRSO)