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Update regarding the shortage of contrast media from Lauren M.B. Burke, MD, FSAR, executive Vice Chair of Radiology

In the last few weeks, GE has increased production of Omnipaque 300 and 350, the most common contrast media concentrations used in Imaging Services, with production currently at or above 75% of typical production.  UNC has been fortunate to receive several small shipments of Omnipaque over the last few weeks.  Together with our conservation efforts,  we can now offer iodinated contrast to all patients who would have received contrast prior to the shortage.  All new contrasted CT orders will be appropriately protocoled starting immediately.  If you have ordered a noncontrasted CT for a patient and would like to switch it to a contrasted CT, please reorder the examination.  We will continue to follow our reserves closely and will reach back out with any further updates.  Thank you all for your help and patience while we worked through this global shortage.

A number of research studies were unable to provide protocol required scans due to the contrast shortage.

For research studies, PIs can contact Lauren Burke (in Radiology) to obtain an protocol required contrast study