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Our Mission

The SOM-CRSO will advance the research mission of the SOM by reducing administrative burden, enhancing compliance, and helping remove barriers to enable efficiency, collaboration, financial productivity, and growth of clinical research at UNC. We will accomplish this by:

  • Serving as a central point of contact within the SOM for information on clinical research processes, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Promoting excellence in the scholarly pursuit of research through clear, standardized processes, operational and administrative support, and mutual accountability.
  • Collaborating with university offices and the health care system to realize the best research standards and ensure adherence to university, health care system, and government clinical research policy and regulations.
  • Propagating best operational practices in clinical research through evaluation, continuous process improvement, and innovative technologies.
  • Developing the clinical research workforce through integrated and standardized training and education, mentoring, and direct operational support.

Our Vision

To create a rigorous, efficient and productive clinical research environment across the School of Medicine and UNC Healthcare by promoting best practices, standardized processes, and professional development for excellence in all aspects of clinical research.


John Buse, MD, PhD

John Buse, MD, PhD


Andrea Carnegie, PhD

Andrea Carnegie, PhD

Director, Administrative Operations

Laura Viera, MA, CCRP

Laura Viera, MA, CCRP

Director, Clinical Research Operations

Strategic Plan

The SOM CRSO is being established with direct support from the SOM Strategic Plan, Forward Together, which includes advancing clinical research processes as a major imperative.

Who We Serve

The CRSO serves all research personnel in the SOM to help navigate all aspects of human subjects research at UNC.

Additional Information about the CRSO

CRSO 2020-2022 Report


October 12, 2021 Town Hall


Frequently Asked Questions