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The UNC Chapel-Hill Standard on Research Code of Conduct set forth the responsibilities of the research community in the conduct of research, including the expectation to learn and follow the federal and state regulations, and local policies, standards, and procedures that apply to their work activities and locations.

All University policies, procedures and standards, including policies that applies to the School of Medicine, are stored in the University Electronic Policy Repository. UNC Health policies are located in UNC Health PolicyStat.

To simplify and standardize policy language, the Office of Ethics and Policy provides key policy terminology.

PolicyPanoramic, high-level, strategic documents that set aspirational goals, aligns with the University’s mission and values, and ensures legal compliance.
StandardServes as a middle-role between Policy and Procedures setting minimal limits, measurements, or
rules to comply with a policy successfully.
ProcedureTactical, detail-oriented, applied documents that detail actionable steps towards fulfilling a standard or a policy.
University ProcedureA policy that applies to two or more schools or Administrative Units (i.e. the Facilities Use Policy).
Unit PolicyAn internal policy that applies to a single school or Administrative unit (i.e. the School of Medicine).
These definitions were obtained from Policy 101, a primer on how policy works at UNC Chapel Hill. Click here for this primer and other resources provided by the Office of Ethics and Policy.

Click here for a compilation of core UNC-Chapel Hill (“University”) and UNC Health clinical research policies, standards, and procedures, including SOM Clinical Research SOPs.