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December 14, 2022

Resource Hub: Bloom Process Mapping Tool

Completing all the steps to initiate an industry-sponsored trial can be daunting. Requirements vary depending on study characteristics and knowing what steps to complete in what order can be confusing and lead to misdirected effort. To assist study teams in navigating this process, we have developed an innovative graph database tool that accounts for dependencies between steps to create customized and comprehensive study initiation process maps.

August 11, 2022

Resource Hub: as Texting Platform

As clinical research methods and standards strive to keep pace with the needs of our research participants, it is important to consider communication preferences. Text messaging with participants is an often desired method of communication and can bolster participant understanding and compliance with study activities. UNC-CH has completed a security review and executed a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with to permit this service to be utilized for communication with research participants.

June 20, 2022

Resource Hub: New Clinical Research Glossary

Whether you are new to clinical research or an experienced member of the research team, mastering the highly specialized vocabulary (and alphabet soup!) of clinical research and using it effectively in professional communications can be challenging. To bolster understanding and facilitate effective communication in the SOM and beyond, we have created a concise and organized glossary of clinical research terms that aligns with industry and regulatory standards.