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Why is it important for me to create a profile?

Future CRSO initiatives, including alignment and classification of clinical research staff positions and implementing a new competency-based career ladder, will be guided by the profiles in the system. It is imperative that all SOM employees create a profile so we have an accurate representation of the SOM research community.


If my research involves human subjects but is not necessarily considered “clinical,” do I still need to complete a profile?

Yes, all SOM employees involved in the conduct of human subjects research should complete a profile.


We have some medical students who help with our research studies, but they are not employees or SOM or UNCH. Do they need to complete a profile?

No, only employees of SOM are asked to complete a profile at this time.


I support budget development, proposal development, and post-award grant management. Should I complete a profile?

Yes, there is a section of the profile that asks about financial responsibilities that may be applicable to your position.