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Instrument Usage Rate (UNC)
Auto-ITC200/ PEAQ ITC-automated $36/hr
AUC SedVel $251/run
AUC SedEq $251/run
Biacore 8K $64/hr
CD Spectropolarimeter $44/hr
DynaPro Plate Reader $64/hr
MicroScale Thermophoresis $60/hr
Nanotemper NanoDSF $64/hr
Octet Red384 $64/hr
Pherastar FS Plate Reader $64/hr
SEC-MALS $45/hr
Spex Spectrofluorometer $53/hr
Training/Consultation $91/hr
VP-DSC $39/hr
VP-ITC $36/hr

Researchers at other academic institutions and in industry are welcome to use our instruments. Please contact the core director ( for service pricing.