Offsite B-Line Access

In the event that scores, videos, or checklists are released for student viewing in the B-Line system you will need to log into the system remotely to access that material.

Direct your web browser here to access the B-Line system.  You will need Adobe Flash Player and Apple Quicktime in order to access all possible materials.

Log in using your onyen and password (or assigned alternative ID) like you did on the day of the exam.  Once you have done that, on the left side of the screen under "Projects" you'll see a list of all past exams that you've taken on the B-Line system.  If you click one of the links, it will take you to a list of all cases taken within the exam.  Scroll through those to find the case that has had exam material released and click the checklist link or video link to view the content.


Remote Exam/Survey:

In the case that you need to take a survey or exam from home, you will need to go to the page here.  Please note that while they look similar, this is a different page than the regular access above.  You'll need to go back to the original page here to access exam materials normally.


ECSU Students: To access your system, you will need to go here.