Information for Students Prerequisites


You must complete and receive a passing grade on all of your core third year clerkships as a prerequisite for CPX registration. Conditional grades are not acceptable.

Please click here for important information on testing accommodations.

CPX Schedule- 2014

The exam is scheduled over several weeks starting in June. Each testing begins at 9:00am for a 30-minute orientation in room 1045 Burnett-Womack. Saturday testing dates are given priority to students with out of town rotations.

Taking a Leave of Absence

If you are planning to take a leave of absence following the completion of your clerkships, you must take the CPX prior to the beginning of your leave.

Registration & Ranking

*Saturday test dates are reserved for students on out-of-state rotations first.

Registration for the CPX will be administered through the office of Student Affairs. Absences from selective/elective rotations WILL BE EXCUSED to take this exam.

Test Date Assignments

You will receive an email confirmation of your assigned CPX test date and time, so please make sure that you frequently check your School of Medicine email account for CPX information. Test date assignments will also be posted in One45.

Switching Dates

You may switch your assigned exam date or time if you can find a fellow student who is willing to make a switch. BOTH students must submit the request, in writing, to  no later than June 1. All changes must be approved, in writing, by the Clinical Skills and Patient Simulation Center, and no changes will be accepted after the June 1 deadline. Students may not switch into or out of the September or October testing dates. Students who show up to take an exam outside their registered date will not be permitted into the exam.


Information about the CPX is available on this web site at CPX Orientation. This site addresses questions about exam content, standards, and feedback.


The School of Medicine requires that students be excused from third year clerkships and fourth year selectives and electives to take the CPX examination. Course directors know that the CPX is a requirement for graduation, and they should convey this information to their faculty. You should not be placed on-call the night before or following the examination. If you have difficulties obtaining release time from clinical responsibilities, you should notify one of the contacts listed below. An unexcused absence from the assigned exam date can result in failure of the CPX. If you are late for the exam and miss any case(s), you will not receive a passing score for that case(s).

Grade Reporting and Feedback

Results of the CPX will be held until after the August testing dates to allow all students the opportunity to complete the exam. You will receive a report and profile of your performance on the five competencies. You are scored on performance criteria established for each case, and are not scored relative to the performance of your classmates. The performance criteria reflect minimal clinical competence and are considered essential by the school's faculty.

The CPX is graded as Pass/Fail. A student who receives notification of failure on the examination must complete a remedial program and be reassessed during an assigned September, October, or November testing date. STUDENTS WHO NEED TO RETEST WILL BE ASSIGNED TO AN OPEN SLOT AND ARE NOT PERMITTED TO CHANGE THEIR ASSIGNED RETEST DATE. A passing grade on the CPX is a requirement and must be achieved prior to graduation from the UNC School of Medicine. Only the final grade will be recorded on the official transcript.

Contact Information:
Brian Loveland - Clinical Skills Assistant Director

Clinical Skills And Patient Simulation Center
Office of Medical Education
UNC-CH School of Medicine
CB 7529 Rm.1043 Burnett-Womack Bldg.
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7530
Main Office: (919) 966-3643