Clinical Performance Examination (CPX)

The Clinical Performance Examination (CPX) is a practical test of basic clinical & professional skills. The examination was originally developed by a committee of faculty from the four medical schools as part of the North Carolina Medical Schools Consortium (NCMSC). The CPX exam consists of 14 cases that represent common problems students should be prepared to identify and manage, 12 of which are scored and two which are pilot cases. In comparison with the Observed Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) used in the Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM) course and Family Medicine Clerkship, this examination assesses a wider range of skills with each patient. Students encounter standardized patients in clinic, in-patient and emergency room settings and will be responsible for history taking, physical examinations, procedural tasks, and post encounter assessment and planning. In almost all cases, students will approach these patients as the responsible, first contact physician.

Five types of skills are assessed in the CPX: relationship, communication, history taking, physical examination/task, and planning/assessment. Performance is recorded by the standardized patients and scored against criteria established by clinical faculty. A passing grade on the CPX is a requirement and must be achieved prior to graduation from the UNC School of Medicine.

The primary dates for the 2013 year will be offered in June and July and will be sent with your fourth year schedule.

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