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The UNC BIRCWH Resource Laboratory Network

BIRCWH RLN Chart 2The Resource Laboratory Network (RLN) was created in 2015 to promote laboratory research activities that further facilitate translational research, and create new strategic alliances and partnerships for our scholars to effectively achieve our research mission. The RLN is a formal mechanism for scholars to be exposed to vanguard laboratory tools and techniques relevant to their research areas. These learning opportunities, in campus laboratories, are led by women scientists with a combined 25-year history of research, career mentorship, and successful translational science. Our RLN campus leaders are:

The tools and techniques offered in each of the RLN labs are broad in scope and reflect the scholars’ bench-to-bedside, clinical trial, and population research activities. These areas include cell signaling pathways, genetics, toxicogenomics and microarrays, cellular drug metabolism and transport, systems biology approaches, virology and immunology, and preclinical and clinical bioanalytical and computational pharmacology.