eSlideShow shows quick facts and links to articles and scholarly sources

The National Institutes of Health’s Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH) has published a e-presentation titled, “Women’s Health Research in Review.” The slide show moves through the recently accomplishments in women’s health research such as the advent of the pregnancy test, HPV vaccine and more. However, it also highlights the need for continued research in areas such as eye-health, substance abuse, medication response, and more. The slides provide links to press releases, scholarly articles, and web sites with additional information.

ORWH ensures that research conducted and supported by the NIH adequately addresses issues regarding women’s health. ORWH stimulates and encourages basic and clinical research on the role of sex and gender in health and disease, and sets NIH research priorities in diseases, disorders, and conditions that primarily affect women.

The Center for Women’s Health Research at UNC has closely aligned our research strategies and mission with that of ORWH.