Registration continues for the February 4, 2014 transdisciplinary Women & Obesity Forum at the William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education.

The event will bring researchers and community members from various disciplines together to actively pursue research opportunities that link women’s health and obesity.

Participants do not have to have a background in women’s health or obesity, rather should have a background that may contribute meaningfully to looking at the epidemic in a new light.

The full day forum will be broken into two sessions. Speakers will discuss research gaps and opportunities during the morning session. Participants will also have the ability to rank research gaps before engaging with a panel of speakers.

After lunch, participants break into groups for the afternoon session. During this time teams will form to create the frame work for grant submissions.

Research funding announcements (RFA) pertinent to the forum have been identified; however attendees are not limited to these RFAs alone.

To learn more about the speakers, agenda and to register visit the Women & Obesity Forum website.