Obesity Core

Sex Differences in Obesity: Using Social Media to Create Transdisciplinary Research TeamsSex Differences in Obesity

Sex Differences in Obesity: Using Social Media to Create Transdisciplinary Research Teams is the Center for Women's Health Research at UNC's first of five Core Networks. The goal is to develop a dynamic core of researchers interested in the topic of obesity, sex and gender differences.

The Center launched the network by performing 'research on the research' to understand what information was out there, how sex differences had been implemented in obesity research at UNC, and who may be able to contribute to the network. CWHR previously facilitated multiple discussions amongst researchers through a private LinkedIn Group.

The Core Network ponders questions such as:

  • Are there sex differences in eating behaviors that influence the accumulation and distribution of fat deposition in male and female adults, boys and girls?
  • What are the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which obesity contributes to certain cancers in men and women?
  • What disciplines or experts could help you fill the gaps in our knowledge of gender differences?
  • How do we engage transdisciplinary investigators, including early stage and underrepresented minority researchers, into collaborative teams?
  • How do we leverage the expertise at UNC to address cross-cutting themes in obesity research including genetic predisposition, hormonal influences, environment and social behaviors?

The Obesity Core is now in the midst of planning a February 2014 'Women and Obesity Forum.' This event will engage multidisciplinary teams in discussions that lead to forming a framework for future proposal submissions.

If you would like to learn more about the group or submit a request to join, please contact us.