Evaluation Process


The purpose of the CI evaluation process is to: 

  • Determine CI candidacy
  • Provide information to the family
  • Answer questions
  • Make recommendations

The Evaluation process consists of:

  1. At least three audiology appointments to:
    • Obtain medical and educational history
    • Determine child’s hearing status with and without hearing aids
    • Determine child’s ability to understand speech with hearing aids
    • Provide information to family about hearing, hearing loss and cochlear implants
    • Discuss parent’s perception of and goals for the child
  2. A speech and language evaluation to:
    • Document child’s communication abilities
    • Provide information on speech and language development
    • Acquire information about child’s current educational situation and offer support as needed
  3. At least two physician visits to:
    • Determine medical candidacy for a cochlear implant
    • Investigate cause of hearing loss (genetic testing, MRI or CT scan)
    • Discuss the surgical aspects and risks involved in surgery