Mission Statement

The Emergency Department is the private practice site for Emergency Physicians. We therefore depend upon good relationships with the University, the UNC Health Systems, community physicians, and citizens in our communities for a successful practice.

  • To function as an integral and responsible member of the University of North Carolina, Division of Health Affairs, School of Medicine, and the University of North Carolina Hospitals.
  • To provide patient care, service to the physicians, for the community, region, and state.
  • To teach the principles and practice of medicine and emergency medicine to health professionals, students, and house officers of all specialties, including emergency medicine residents.
  • To provide direction to the Emergency Medical Services of Orange County and the State.
  • To become an influence in local, state, and national emergency medicine academic and political activities.
  • To produce research in clinical care, basic science, and health care systems, both in emergency medicine and in interdisciplinary fields.
  • To produce national academic leaders in emergency medicine.

Jane Brice, MD MPH - Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine
James L. Larson, MD - Executive Vice-Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine
Christian E. Lawson RN, BSN, MBA - Clinical Director of Emergency Services
Jeff Phillips, RN, MSN, CEN - Nurse Manager of Emergency Department