Stephen Gamboa, MD

Emergency Medicine resident

Emergency Medicine Resident, from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Medical School:
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


In my free time I enjoy riding my bicycle, running, kayaking, reading the Economist, blogging and all manner of cooking. I'm an avid marathoner and hope to compete in my first ironman at the end of intern year. I love to travel and have worked abroad in Tanzania, Mexico, and Guatemala. I live with my girlfriend, Olivia, and my dog, the mighty goldador Ulysses.


Why I chose UNC:
That's easy. The people here are awesome. As a resident, I spend lots of time with my classmates. It's a pleasure to work with these folks, and that makes coming to the hospital fun, even with the long hours. The program administration really cares about resident well-being and our development, both personally and professionally. The ultrasound program here is top notch, and there's no better program in the country for international emergency medicine.