Current Rotating Medical Students

Welcome to Emergency Medicine at UNC! Whether you are a medical student visiting from another school, or one of our own students, we welcome you to a month in the unique setting of the emergency department! The ED presents enumerable opportunities for you to establish essential clinical skills. During your month, you’ll practice performing an initial evaluation, stabilizing, diagnosing and treating your patients with undifferentiated illnesses. We encourage you to seek out learning opportunities in the hectic pace of the ED. Take the time to ask the attendings, residents, nurses and techs to teach you their unique skill sets. Learn to place IV’s, put patients on cardiac monitors, repair lacerations, perform lumbar punctures, place central lines, and more! The more skills such as these that you acquire now, the more comfortable you will be caring for patients during your intern year.

We look forward to not only teaching you during your hands on time in the ED, but also during planned simulation sessions. These complex but very plausible cases in the simulation center will give you a chance to build confidence as well as competence in key clinical situations. You will practice directing trauma, cardiac arrest, and respiratory failure cases. And most importantly, you will learn to direct a care team during what can be high pressure, time sensitive scenarios.

Dr. Jonathan Jones has worked hard to create a month that is educational, rewarding, and fun for you as a learner. Both residents and attendings will be working to share our knowledge and skills with you while continuing to care for our patients. Take the time to ask plenty of questions, and again, be proactive in the learning opportunities that present themselves, and you will have a very rewarding month. The emergency department is a dynamic, exciting place, and we encourage you to jump right in and learn as much as you can!

We are so glad that you chose to work and learn in our emergency department, and are excited to get to know each of you. Feel free to contact either of us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the rotation or regarding emergency medicine in general.

Orientation Information:

PDF Grade determination sheet (To be signed and turned in at you orientation)
PDF End of Clerkship Checklist
PDF Grade Information Sheet
PDF Orientation Packet


Reading Assignments
There are comprehensive 3rd and 4th year student EM curriculum available at

This site has extensive resources for the student doing an Emergency Medicine rotation.

A custom AccessEM curriculum is available with essential curriculum daily readings for students.

Also, check out AccessEM's "Best of the Blogs"


PDF Clerkship Evaluations
PDF Didactic Lecture Evaluations
PDF Faculty Evaluations