NC EMS Data System - $700,000

Sponsored by NC Division of Health Service Regulation, led by Charles Cairns, MD

The North Carolina EMS Data System represents the successful development of a large, fully integrated, comprehensive statewide EMS database and quality improvement effort. The North Carolina EMS Data System applications include the Prehospital Medical Information System (PreMIS), the Credentialing Information System (CIS), the State Medical Asset Resource Tracking Tool (SMARTT), and the EMS Performance Improvement Toolkits. The system provides a quality and performance improvement program consistent with the idealized EMS design described in the EMS Agenda for the Future. The program has already achieved significant improvements in the quality of EMS service delivery, patient care, and integrated systems of care. Consistent with the goals of the 2007 Institute of Medicine's recommendations for EMS, the linkage of the North Carolina EMS Data System with other health care registries has created an environment that can evaluate larger systems of care and ultimate patient outcomes.

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