The RACE to Improve STEMI Care - $111,358

Sponsored by Duke University, led by Seth Glickman, MD

The first phase of the RACE project successfully implemented a coordianted statewide sysem of STEMI reperfusion therapy in 65 hospitals and associated emergency medical systems. The RACE study found that after intervention of the program both use and timeliness of primary reperfusion therapy improved significantly for STEMI patients. To date, studies of RACE, however, have not addressed the variability in impovement seen among hospitals, nor better characterized the process and system changes that were associated with improvement. Additionally, the degree to which implementation of standardized evidence-based practices can reduce existing disparities in timely reperfusion therapy for minorities is not unknown. And, the impact of the program on overall patient outcome (mortality) has not been characterized. Thus, our proposed Project 2 will first address these important specific questions using available clinical data collected in RACE as well as state and national claims and EMS data sources.

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