School of Medicine-Otolaryngology

The Division of Head and Neck Oncology offers treatment to patients with all forms of neoplasms of the head and neck.

Boasting a Multidisciplinary Team of dedicated specialists in head and neck surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology, dental medicine, speech pathology, nursing and social services, the team strives to offer total, comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and social assistance to our patients.

Diagnostic and treatment facilities are state of the art, with intraoperative CT surgical guidance, intraoperative XRT, 3D CT guided conformal radiation, PET/CT scanning, and free flap reconstruction.

The division performs over 200 major head and neck surgical cases each year and is among the busiest clinical divisions at the university.Research: The division is involved in clinical, translational and basic science research including organ preservation protocols of combined chemoradiation, the use of the ONYX 015 virus for advanced recurrent cancer, the use of microarray technology to genetically characterize different cancers and correlate this with various prognostic indicators, and a large state wide study of the molecular epidemiology of head and neck cancer.

Appointments can be made by contacting Ms. Laura Lyndon Miller, Program Assistant for Head and Neck Oncology, at (984) 974-8234, fax (984) 974-2607, or Hazel Hampton, RN, Nurse Navigator, at (984) 974-8291.