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The primary mission of the Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development is to support the development of our faculty members and to provide resources to assure their academic success. We are deeply committed to assisting our faculty navigate the ins and outs of what it means to be a member of the faculty, including how to prepare for the appointments, promotion, and tenure (APT) process.

Below you will find information related to career navigation. While all faculty members are responsible for their own career success, it is expected that their Chair, Division Chief, and/or another specifically designated senior faculty member will mentor them towards promotion.

To schedule a brief, 15-minute appointment with Senior Associate Dean Kim Boggess to discuss faculty affairs topics (such as promotion and tenure, APT guidelines revisions), visit

School of Medicine Policy on Curriculum Vitae Format

SOM Standardized CV Format

CVs for SOM Faculty going before the SOM APT Committees should preferably use the CSE/CBE citation style. Examples of citations in this format are available through the UNC Libraries here for your reference:

School of Medicine Policy on Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure

UNC School of Medicine Guidelines for Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion of Faculty (Revised Sept 2019)

Access the new Guidelines for Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion of Faculty (revised December 2020, effective July 1, 2021)

School of Medicine Post-Tenure Review Policy

UNC School of Medicine Policy on Post-Tenure Review (Revised Apr 2015)

School of Medicine Faculty Review Policy

UNC School of Medicine Policy on Faculty Review (revised Dec 2019)

School of Medicine Adjunct Faculty Handbook

UNC School of Medicine Adjunct Faculty Handbook 


APT Cheat Sheets by Track

Fixed Term

Tenure Track


APT Workshops

We invite all faculty to attend APT Workshops. These workshops are designed to assist faculty with navigating the appointment, promotion, and tenure guidelines, and equip faculty with the information needed to successfully prepare for future reviews. Representatives from the School of Medicine Human Resources team are available to answer questions, and there is time for discussion of these topics and other APT-related topics of interest to faculty.

To RSVP for the next APT workshop, contact our office.


APT Videos

Fixed Term

Fixed Term – Dossier and Timelines

Fixed Term – Areas of Excellence

Tenure/Tenure Track

Tenure/Tenure Track – Dossier and Timelines

Tenure/Tenure Track – Areas of Excellence