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To build on our strong foundation and commitment to supporting the careers of physician scientists, we seek to expand the Caregivers at Carolina Program to provide supplemental research, career development, and emotional support to a substantially larger number of physician scientists than would otherwise be possible. We need your help!

This revolutionary approach to retaining early career physician scientists in research by focusing on their extraprofessional caregiving demands will accomplish many objectives, including to:

  • Increase our understanding of the needs and develop targeted interventions and resources to support these vulnerable physician scientists with caregiving demands
  • Foster a culture shift whereby family friendly policies are developed and encouraged and in which faculty feel free to prioritize family caregiving

Our program has demonstrated that providing early career physician scientists with supplemental research funding and supporting them with career development, mentoring, and other resources has a direct positive impact on their ability to be successful and remain in research. With additional resources we can successfully retain the majority of our physician scientists who have extraprofessional caregiving demands.

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