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In 2019, the School of Medicine has launched a new Well-Being Committee to liaise with and complement the Integrated Well-Being Program’s efforts. The Committee, chaired by Dr. Tim Farrell, Professor of Surgery, will support efforts to communicate effective interventions, disseminate well-being metrics, and champion a culture of well-being across the School of Medicine’s Clinical and Basic Science departments.

The School of Medicine Well-Being Committee is formalizing an organizational structure comprised of three sub-committees – research faculty, clinical faculty, and scholarship, chaired by Drs. Ilona Jaspers, Deanna Sasaki-Adams, and Susie Martinelli, respectively – and an executive committee.

The aim is to have 100% representation from each of the School of Medicine’s departments to ensure efforts are responsive to the well-being needs of the faculty at large and complementary to efforts at the system level.

It is exciting that there is uniform support from the UNC School of Medicine, the Health Care system and the Physician Network for improving the well-being of faculty and staff across the UNC system.
The UNC School of Medicine Well-Being Committee will work within the broader framework to represent the particular needs of clinical and basic science faculty.”

-Dr. Tim Farrell, Chair, School of Medicine Well-Being Committee