The Nicotine Dependence Program has a new name. The program is now the UNC Tobacco Treatment Program. The new name reflects our continued focus on what we do best–treatment to help individuals who smoke or use tobacco.

Under the new name, TTP will continue to help UNC Family Medicine patients, UNC Hospital patients, and employees of UNC Healthcare and the Town of Chapel Hill become tobacco free. The UNC Tobacco Treatment Program is open to all members of the community!

“Our new name reflects what we provide and do best — treatment,” says Laurel Sisler, Director of the UNC Tobacco Treatment and Weight Management Programs. “Instead of putting the focus on what we are helping people become free from–dependence on tobacco products–we put the focus on treatment. Our programs empower participants to be agents in helping to make positive changes in their lives with the support of our tobacco treatment specialists.”

Click on the video below to hear participants in our UNC Tobacco Treatment and Weight Management Programs talk about how our programs have helped them meet their wellness goals.

To learn more about our programs, visit the UNC Tobacco Treatment Program website or call (984) 974-4976 to speak with one of our tobacco treatment specialists.