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John (Matt) Lawrence: Perseverance Pays Off

Matt Lawrence came to the Wellness@Work Program dipping a can of tobacco every day, having made multiple “practice attempts” without sustaining abstinence. He hated the control that tobacco exerted over him. In his position as Deputy Fire Chief, he wanted to be a good role model and had become weary of hiding his tobacco use.

Susan Hinson: “I can hang out with my grandchildren”

May 2, 2017 will mark two years of Susan Hinson’s quitting cigarettes, and is also the due date for her first grandchild! She feels excited about the baby’s arrival and also pleased that she doesn’t have to worry about her smoking affecting the child.

Erin Barringer: My Reason for Quitting

Erin Barringer, a nursing assistant in the Neurosciences Hospital, began smoking socially in 10th grade, and over the years she increased her smoking to one-half pack of cigarettes a day. She continued at this level until 2010 when she found out she was pregnant. She remained tobacco free through her pregnancy and breastfeeding until her … Read more

Matthew Englund: “There is No Shame in Getting Help”

January 26, 2016 will be two years since Matt Englund has been tobacco free. This wasn’t Matt’s first attempt at quitting, but he says it’s his last. Four years prior, he quit for a year without using any medication. He used the “Delay” method. (When you crave a cigarette, delay, delay, delay.) That worked until … Read more