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Bob Pendergraph: “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Quit Again”

Bob Pendergraph, an HVAC Mechanic who works in Plant Engineering, is a family man who enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, biking, and fishing. He realized that his smoking was preventing him from being active with his grandchildren. He also noticed that many people and places in his life were becoming smoke free and he did … Read more

Claudia Sibila: “A Positive Influence is Important”

Claudia Sibila, a medical interpreter in the Interpreter Services Department, did not realize how much her friends and family truly influenced her every day. “The people that surround you become a part of you,” she said. “A positive influence is important.” Her three pregnancies provided Sibila with motivation for being tobacco free. Yet, she found … Read more

Ebony Carver Lawson: Freedom from Thinking About Smoking

Ebony joined the Tobacco Free Tar Heels program nearly two years ago. At that time, she had cut down on her smoking from more than a pack a day to just a few cigarettes, but she couldn’t seem to quit those last few. Her boyfriend was allergic to cigarette smoke and really didn’t like her … Read more

Martha Killough: “Not Smoking Has Set Me Free”

If you are a smoker or are close to someone who is, you may have found that smoking can impact relationships. Martha Killough, an outpatient coordinator in the N.C. Cancer Hospital, discovered this. After being married to a non-smoker for two years, she became depressed about the distance smoking put between her and her husband. … Read more