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Resident Physician


Wah gwaan, my name is Alexis Halyard and I was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, SC. As a second generation Family Practice Physician, I grew up understanding the vital role of the medical establishment in community building and uplift. From a very young age, it was my dream to eventually contribute to that relationship. Upon graduating from high school, I ventured north to Yale University where I acquired my BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During my time there, I engaged heavily with several affinity groups, especially those dedicated to enriching the Black community.

After my 4 years in Connecticut, mastering cold weather fashion and academic discourse, I returned to the South to pursue my medical education at Emory University. While there I honed my clinical skills and discovered a passion for HIV/AIDS primary care. In the UNC program, I find a special focus on health and wellness, which ultimately promotes an enduring investment in the well-being of patients and the communities in which they live. As a healthcare provider, I am committed to caring for vulnerable and underserved populations. The UNC Family Medicine Department provides me with the resources and opportunities to best fulfill that commitment.

Outside of medicine, my interests include debunking the childhood myth that I am a “picky-eater” by cooking new recipes, sharpening my wit with podcasts, books and television, exploring new countries and cultures, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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