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Resident Physician


Hi everyone, I grew up in Barre, VT but have also lived in Idaho and South Dakota. I’m excited to be here in North Carolina. I completed my undergraduate degree at Amherst College where I studied history and played football. After college I worked at a small clinic in rural Uganda and spent a year working for the state of Vermont administering programs like food stamps and fuel assistance. I attended medical school at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. Many experiences and values helped nudge me towards family medicine. I’ve seen family doctors work in such a breadth of settings, from small-town Vermont to rural Uganda and in indigenous communities in Maine and Minnesota. I wanted to pursue training that would equip me to provide care for rural communities, and to prepare me to adapt to serve the needs of any community I find myself working with. I also sense a similarity between my motivations to study history and train as a family doctor. Often, I think a primary care office provides the best vantage point into the realities being lived out in a community. A sort of present tense history, too complicated and undifferentiated to tie into a neat story most of the time but so full of life. I’m thankful that each new patient brings their own stories and experiences. And I’m grateful to have a role to play in helping my patients live healthy and fulfilling lives.

In my free time I like to play tennis and stay active outside with things like hiking and canoeing. I also really like to read and take photographs when I get the chance.

  • Department of Family Medicine