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Resident Physician


Hi there! My name is Mary Beth, or MB, MBizzle, Mary Beefs, or just Beefs. I am originally from Tampa, Florida and I attended the University of Florida for my undergraduate and medical education. After interviewing at UNC, I had felt inspired rather than exhausted after a virtual interview day. The faculty here are shaping and advancing the field of family medicine – something I didn’t realize mattered to me until meeting them – and they all felt like people I would want to work or hang out with.

I also feel lucky to be in a program where in my continuity clinic I am prescribing gender-affirming hormones and MAT without needing to use elective time. The group of prenatal patients I see in my clinic will be due for delivery when I am scheduled on our L&D service, which is run by family medicine faculty. On our family medicine inpatient service (FMIS), our open ICU means we get to be the primary team for ICU level patients with an intensivist. We get to teach and learn from medical students every day. We also use point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) as a regular part of our physical exams on FMIS and become competent in POCUS for many organ systems well before graduation. The best part of residency has been doing these procedures and skills alongside the most compassionate and funny group of co-residents I get to call my friends. Having a program director and coordinator that have my back has been a huge bonus as well (and no… they didn’t pay me to say that). The bottom line is that know I will leave this program as a better person for having trained here and will become a confident full-scope family physician.

I have no regrets about moving to the triangle area despite never seeing it in person. When not at work, you can find me hanging out with my beautiful wonderful perfect cat, Gracey. Second priorities to her are sleeping, eating at all the vegan restaurants, drinking beer, listening to house music, sending cat memes to my attendings, and binge-watching shows with my girlfriend, particularly That’s so Raven or George Lopez.

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