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Professor Emiritus

Biographical Information

Dr. Gwyther began his service with UNC in 1978 and went on to hold numerous positions in the department, including Associate Chair, Residency Director, In-patient Services Director, Clinic Director, and Director of UNC FM’s Outpatient Laboratory. While he was particularly successful at advising and mentoring medical students and in directing student programs, he also was the driving force behind the substance abuse curriculum at the UNC School of Medicine. All of this work led Gwyther to be recognized by his peers numerous times, including receiving UNC’s Excellence in Family Medicine Education Award (2005), UNC Hospital’s H. Fuller Fleming Award (2003), and the Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award in 1994.

Outside of academics, Dr. Gwyther received several other awards as well, including the NCAFP’s Lifetime Service Award in 2006, and as recently as this year, the prestigious Glaser Award by the NC Governor’s Institute, an acknowledgment of his critical work in addiction medicine.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Gwyther’s research interests include alcohol and drug abuse, health care delivery systems, laboratory medicine and cost of medical care. Dr. Gwyther assists in promoting, maintaining and improving education of Medical and other health professional students. Dr. Gwyther has a long-term interest in alcoholism and alcoholic morbidity and has directed the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies Education component over the past five years.

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