The Department of Family Medicine offers several educational opportunities for medical students. The following is a list of School of Medicine courses related to and run by faculty in Family Medicine.

Linda Ohadugha
Linda Ohadugha, Clerkship Student

Acting Internship (4th Year)

The best way to see our residency first hand is to do an acting internship (AI) with us. This will give you an opportunity to work closely with residents from all three years of training as well as various faculty members. During this month long rotation, you will work on both our Family Medicine Inpatient Service (FMIS) and our Maternal Child Health Service (MCH). You will also have an opportunity to spend a few half days in our outpatient clinic and attend our Wednesday morning conference series with our resident physicians. Read more here. 

Advanced Practice Selective (4th Year)

The Advanced Practice Selective (APS) is required for fourth-year students. The APS allows you to delve deeply into selective aspects of physician endeavor within a specialty of your choosing. Several Family Medicine rotations are available as options for this course, which is hosted by the department. Go to the Advanced Practice Selective Official Website.

Family Medicine Electives (FMME) (4th Year)

Read more about the various electives here.

Introduction to Clinical Medicine (1st Year)

Read more about this class here.

Healer’s Art Course (1st and 2nd Year)

The Healer’s Art is an innovative discovery model course in values clarification and professionalism for first and second year medical students now offered annually at 60+ US medical schools as well as medical schools around the world. (To see a current list of schools offering the course, click here. )Designed in 1991 by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, the course offers a safe learning environment for a personal in-depth exploration of the time-honored values of service, healing relationship, reverence for life and compassionate care.

The Healer’s Art course at UNC is directed by Sue Slatkoff, MD. Students who would like to participate in the course may contact Jenny Jones at .

Population Health: Interprofessional Management in a Changing Healthcare System

The Rural InterProfessional Health Initiative (RIPHI) is a collaboration among the health professional schools to create an interprofessional rural-focused learning experience for UNC students in allied health, dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and social work. Students will complete educational training on rural and population health in the fall and then complete a spring clinical immersion experience in NC. The activities and exercises in this course will prepare students to become high-functioning members of interprofessional healthcare teams, whether as part of patient-centered medical homes or other models of collaborative healthcare and population health management.